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Live Stream Prenatal Yoga

Our weekly live stream classes are for our members only BUT all are welcome to join us on Monday March 7th at 8 am CST. Click here to join. 

Free Natural Comfort for Birth Class

The more you know about your body and how it brings your baby into the world the more you will be able to experience giving birth as powerful, not painful. 

In this free course you will learn about the physiologic process of birth and many natural techniques for soothing the discomforts often experienced during labor.  Gain confidence in your ability to labor and birth naturally and discover the various ways you can make it easier on yourself and/or your partner. This course comes with a PDF of all of the natural comfort measures so that you can fully absorb all of this new information. There will be plenty of time to have your questions answered by the instructor. Class size is limited. Please register in advance. 

Monday March 28th 

6:30 pm CST

*Once you've "purchased" this free product please go to the Calendar and add your name to the class roster. You will get an email reminder and a link to the class. 

Stay Tuned for our BIG announcement at the end of March!

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