Hypno-Yoga Birth Course

The Hypno-Yoga Birth  course will leave you and your partner feeling connected and confident in your ability to birth your baby naturally.  This group class meets via Zoom once per week for 4 weeks to educate you on how to have a comfortable, natural birth experience.  In each 2 hour class you will learn about the process of labor and birth, how to navigate the hospital birth system and avoid unnecessary interventions,  yoga and partner yoga positions to use throughout pregnancy and during labor, and breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you to stay calm no matter how your birth journey unfolds. 

The first three classes are for the birthing parent only and the 4th class we ask birth partners to join in. This course comes with printable PDF's with reminders of birth positions, natural comfort techniques, guided hypnobirth recordings and 4 yoga classes that you can practice on your own at any time. The course content will be available to your for 90 days after the last class to ensure that you have all the tools you need to mentally and physically prepare for birth. 

Weekly classes will meet via Zoom from 1-3 pm CST on Sundays November 22nd, November 29th, December 6th and December 13th, 2020.  Each class will focus on a different aspect of birth and offers various yoga, breathing and hypnosis techniques that will help you handle all possible birth situations.

Week 1 -  Sunday 11/22/20, 1-3 pm 

Letting Go of Fear

In this class we learn about the psychology and physiology of birth and how the mental and physical aspects are equally important. You will learn about the anatomy of your pelvis and how is responds to various hormones and positions during labor, breathing techniques that help to calm the nervous system and keep you feeling safe, grounding yoga postures that help prepare your body for delivery. ​


Week 2  - Sunday 11/29/20, 1-3 pm 

Creativity and Freedom

Learn about the stages and phases of labor and birth and how to flow through each with movements that keep you feeling comfortable and connected to your breath, body and baby. Guided visualization will help you to create your own ideal birth story and cultivate positive beliefs about birth in the subconscious mind.

Week 3 - Sunday 12/6/20, 1-3 pm 

 Mind Over Matter

This class will uncover the various interventions often presented to birthing parents, educate you on your rights and how to have difficult conversations with your provider, and teach you how to talk about the sensations of birth in a way that  will allow you to remain calm and centered.  

The yoga postures in this class will leave you feeling strong and confident while powerful meditations will prepare your mind for the sensations of labor, and during a deep relaxation you will learn the "hypno-epidural" technique for optimal comfort in birth. 

Week 4 - Sunday 12/13/20, 1-3 pm

 The Power of Love

Oxytocin is "the love hormone" and the most important natural chemical when it comes to birth. Learn all about how to maximize the oxytocin release, leading to a labor experience that is pleasurable and powerful. Connect with your partner in supportive yoga postures for pregnancy that will keep you relaxed and comfortable as your birth your baby. Partners will learn various hypnosis and relaxation techniques that will increase the flow of oxytocin and give them confidence in their ability to be an excellent birth partner. 

Class is limited to 12 students (and their partners). Register to secure your spot. 

Course tuition: $175


 *Make ups and refunds for missed classes are not available but you will still have access to the content that comes with each class.