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Practicing yoga during your pregnancy is a wonderful way to stay strong and connect with your baby. Regular practice can help you have a shorter, more comfortable delivery. Don't give up on yoga just because your baby was born! Make time for self care and enjoy our postnatal yoga classes to help you heal and restrengthen after giving birth. 

May 28

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Hi, I'm Stacy Broussard, Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Doula and Birth Hypnotherapist.

I've been teaching prenatal yoga since 2008 when I was pregnant with my first child, became a certified birth hypnotherapist in 2010 and attended my first birth as a doula in 2011. I am passionate about educating expecting parents how to have an amazing birth experience. I created Yoga Mama Online to share simple techniques that set the stage for a healthy pregnancy and beyond. 

What others have said...

Stacy is the best yoga mama teacher and here is why: she has practiced extensively/intensively and has done her research. She knows exactly how to guide yoga mamas into their poses comfortably and safely. She is just THE best. I miss her so much!

Therese Matheny

I can’t say enough how much Stacy’s prenatal yoga classes helped me through a difficult pregnancy and postpartum period. I started having hip and pelvic pain right around 14 weeks that worsened over time. Just stepping into and out of the shower was painful. I looked forward to Stacy’s class every week! She is so aware about how the pregnancy journey is different for every mama, and the toll that it can take on your body, mind, and spirit. My whole self felt so cared for and rejuvenated after every class. She’s incredibly passionate about creating a loving, supportive community space for mamas and their babes. If you’re a new mama or know a new mama, this is the place to be!!

Emily Tombes Figley

I practiced with Stacy throughout two healthy pregnancies. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, there is space for you. This is a part of Stacy's magic. My prenatal practice with Stacy made me a better yogi and a better new mom. It also gave me the tools to move and feel good throughout my pregnancies and beyond.

Cynthia Lindstrom Marich