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A course to help you free your mind and trust your body to birth like the powerful force of nature you are!

For far too long we've been told that we aren't strong enough to birth our babies. We've been made to believe that we can't handle the sensations of labor or delivery. We've been told that our bodies do not know what time or position is best for our babies to be born in. I am here to tell you that your body is WISE, you are STRONG and POWERFUL, and that YES YOU CAN birth your baby however you choose! Your body was designed to expand its shape, even its structure, to birth your baby. Wise Body Birth is a course that guides you through releasing the subconscious programming that makes you fear delivery and allows you to reclaim your power to birth with confidence and fierce autonomy.

Our wholistic, virtual birth course brings the benefits of all the other birth classes into one place.  Here you'll be guided through yoga and hypnosis classes to prepare mind, body and soul for birth. You'll have access to countless hours of birth education classes you and your partner can watch, anytime anywhere.  Gain all the knowledge you need to feel empowered as you welcome your baby into the world. 

This course comes with:

+ Over 10 hours of engaging birth education videos

+ 10 prenatal yoga classes (including some of our most popular classes - Prenatal Partner Yoga, Yoga for Labor and Prenatal Yoga on the Ball!)

+beautifully designed printable guides by {M}otherBoard Birth to help you remember labor and delivery positions and the natural pain management techniques you will learn through each session

+6 hypnotic birth audio files (all you have to do is listen to them while you sleep, easy!)

+ 4 Postpartum Education Classes

+ 8 Postnatal Yoga classes to help you safely return to activity after delivery

+11 beautiful, printable labor and birth guides by our partner, {M}otherBoard Birth

+Access to our live class, The Centering Circle, that meets weekly

+ Connect with other birthers in our supportive online community

This course contains an abundance of information! All of the resources that come with this class will be available for you to revisit for 12 months from the date of purchase so that you can soak up all of the wisdom that is shared. 

This course is designed to be taken at your own pace. Once purchased, you have access to the entire course and are welcome to view each module in the order of your preference. Anytime you'd like more guidance you can schedule a private consultation with Yoga Mama's owner and the creator of the Wise Body Birth course, Stacy Broussard.

payment plan available at checkout


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