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Each of our membership options will give you access to all of our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes and our online community. Choose from over 100 on-demand classes or join us in our weekly live-streamed classes. These prenatal and postnatal  classes offer a place to connect with others that are pregnant or postpartum to share yoga, self-care and support. We have a fantastic community and we would love to have you in it, come practice with us! 




$180/9 months

$30/single month

Special Events

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Tune into to this informative class from the comfort of your own home. You will learn and practice countless ways to stay comfortable in labor without medication. 

$25 per couple

Join us in person for our Labor Rehearsal Workshop. This class is a great place to learn (or relearn) the most beneficial labor and delivery positions that can help to increase comfort shorten the length of labor, and minimize perineal damage during delivery. 

$75 per couple


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We offer a package of 4 private hypnobirthing lessons for those that want to dive deep into preparing their mind for birth. Private hypnobirthing lessons can take place in person in our Maplewood office or via Zoom. We also offer a collection of prerecorded HypnoBirth Journeys. This mini course includes 6 audio tracks designed to address the most common concerns with birth and will prepare you to ride the waves of labor naturally. 

4 private hypnobirth
lessons $325


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