Connect with your breath, body and baby. Whenever, wherever. 

Our On-Demand classes allow you to bring yoga into your life when and where it works for you. Choose from dozens of prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, tutorials and meditations to match your mood and physical needs. We also offer live stream Prenatal Yoga classes to our members every Monday at 8 am CST.

When practiced regularly during pregnancy, yoga can lead to shorter labor and delivery times, improve mood and delivery outcomes, relive common pregnancy discomforts like lower back pain, insomnia and pelvic discomfort. 

Practicing modified yoga after delivery helps heal abdominal separation, strengthens the pelvic floor, relieves achy muscles and soothes the often anxious and fatigued minds of new parents. 


All of our membership options give you access to our growing library of 100+ prenatal and postnatal yoga classes that range from 10-60 minutes and our weekly Live Stream Prenatal Classes. 

Monthly Membership - $20 (automatic renewal, cancel anytime)
This option is best for those that want to commit to practicing yoga regularly during pregnancy and beyond. * Most popular option!

9 Month Membership - $135
This is the best option for those that want to commit to practicing yoga during pregnancy and into the postpartum period. 

One Month Membership - $25 Great for those that want to gain an understanding of the proper modifications for pregnancy and/or postpartum or those that want to temporarily supplement their home or studio practice with on-demand classes. 


HypnoBirth Classes

Our one-on-one HypnoBirth classes meet via Zoom (or in person if you live in the St. Louis Metro area). These sessions will reduce anxiety about birth and parenting, relieve pain during labor and set you up for an empowered birth experience. In theses personalized sessions we work together to rewrite your subconscious beliefs about birth and pave the way for a calm and centered delivery. 

Join Stacy in person at Urban Breath Yoga

Connect with others while showing up for yourself in one of my 6 week prenatal yoga class series at Urban Breath Yoga in Maplewood, MO.