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What is a doula?

A doula is a professional labor support person that helps to educate expecting parents about the psychology and physiology of birth, comfort measures, their rights, newborn care and more. A doula will join you at your home, the hospital, or birthing center to help you and your partner through the process of active labor, delivery and the first hours of postpartum. With gentle massage, position & movement suggestions, advocacy and a calm presence, doulas can reduce your chance of having a c-section by 30% or more. Regardless of your birth plans or outcome, your doula will be by your side.  

Unlike labor and delivery nurses, your doula works for you, not the hospital. This means that your doula will be able to give you unbiased information about your choices around intervention, including induction, medications and surgery. 

You will get to know your doula throughout your pregnancy to form a meaningful relationship and trust. Your doula will help you to map out your birth preferences and navigate your options for the various ways your birth might unfold. 
After your baby is born your doula will help you learn how to care for your new baby, assist with feeding, pumping, light cleaning and meal preparation, or simply care for your baby while you take some time to care for yourself. Being a new parent can be a wonderful, however stressful time. Having some help with the adjustment can make a world of difference. 


Stacy applying acupressure for client's
comfort during a contraction.


Photo credit: Ernesto Romo

Stacy helping with first feeding just
minutes after delivery.


Clients learning counter pressure in a
prenatal visit. 

Why hire me as your doula?

I have been passionate about helping others have a positive birth experience since I became a mother in 2009. I had the privilege of delivering both of my children in the comfort of my home with the support of amazing doulas (I've learned from the best!) and midwives.  I incorporate my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology to help my clients have empowered birth experiences. I have years of experience in teaching prenatal yoga, childbirth education, Spinning Babies techniques, and hypnosis for birth. My doula services come with a 9 Month Membership to Yoga Mama Online ( on-demand prenatal and postnatal yoga classes), the Wise Body Birth Course, assistance with writing a birth plan, on call labor and birth support and a postpartum visit 2-3 days after birth plus a postpartum planning guide to help you be as prepared for the arrival of your baby as possible.  I only attend 3-4 births per month so I can be fully committed to each client and I always have a back-up doula on call, just in case. Please contact me via email with your location and due date to see if I am available to be your doula. 

My birth doula fee is $1500. Payment plans are available and price is negotiable for those in need. I look forward to serving you and your family. Additional postpartum doula services are available at $45 per hour and include feeding support, family education about baby care, yoga and breathing techniques to support healing in the postpartum period and more.  


"My goals were to give birth without any medical intervention or medication, that my birth plan was respected and carried out by those on my birth team and that my voice was heard. Stacy helped me get there with prenatal preparation such as hypnotherapy sessions, online natural birthing classes, a membership to the prenatal yoga sessions, and an at home visit. I can honestly say I don't know if I could've done it without her in addition to the support of my husband. During my labor, she anticipated the next thing and always made sure I was comfortable and put mine and the baby's best interest first. 


Having Stacy a part of this miraculous event was something I will cherish and remember forever. She was by my side through it all, and helped me reach my goal which was the most amazing accomplishment I have ever achieved. Stacy is an amazing, calm, nurturing and caring spirit who shines bright in this role and I would trust her as my doula at future births."

- Abby J

"I cannot recommend Stacy’s doula services highly enough. I also don't find it easy to adequately express my awe and gratitude for her work as a doula with words alone, but I try anyway every time I talk to someone who is on the fence about getting doula support. From my perspective as a birthing person who was completely focused on my own bodily sensations and moment to moment needs, I felt that Stacy was both intuitive in how to support me and skilled at keeping the focus on me and my experience. While she was with me, and physically supporting me, from start to finish of active labor, birth, and afterbirth, I had the magical experience of almost feeling like I was doing everything on my own. And actually, I was. Stacy allowed that to be true. She simply lent herself in the service of what I asked for, trusting the vocal expression of my body’s and my baby's body's deep wisdom. Because of this, I felt empowered and safe enough to trust myself. When I think back on the birth of my son, I feel such immense gratitude for Stacy’s presence, skill, and dedication to her work. It is my sincere wish that every birthing person can access this incredible support from someone as devoted to this important work as Stacy."

- Ashley W

"Stacy attended the birth of my second child and I truly believe her support helped give me the birth experience I wanted. Stacy provided a wealth of information in the months leading up to my delivery, skills and ideas to support the laboring parent, and provided incredible support during the postpartum period. She not only gave us practical education about what to expect, she helped me advocate for myself, connect to my inner resources, and helped my partner and I achieve a safe and connected space during labor and after the birth. 


Stacy provided a grounded, calm, but also enthusiastic presence. I definitely recommend her services and would gladly hire her again if our family grows more!"

 - Tricia K

"Having Stacy as a support throughout the months/weeks leading up to delivery was incredibly helpful. I worked with Stacy as my birth doula but also completed the prenatal yoga teacher training she leads, and it was really wonderful getting to know her with regular hypnotherapy sessions and yoga teacher training sessions leading up to the birth. She's a wealth of knowledge about everything from the range of common medical interventions and pain management techniques to posture and alignment issues many women experience during pregnancy and how to modify movement and incorporate exercises to help with symptoms. The hypnotherapy sessions were beautiful and I was really happy with the way they helped me to think about birth from different perspectives; the session with my partner was especially lovely and something I imagine we'll go back and listen to together in the future. I hadn't planned on hypnobirthing nor did I know much about it, and I definitely could have been a better student/client and listened to the recordings more regularly leading up to the birth, but even with what I was able to manage in my schedule, I feel they were helpful. I had a home birth in part because the path to pregnancy for me involved assisted reproductive technology (IUI), and I wanted birth to be as much on my terms as possible, in a place I felt safe and supported by a small group of familiar people. On the morning I went into labor, Stacy was available by phone to advise me on some positions to try and continued offering support in that form throughout the hours she was at my home once labor progressed. Her presence and knowledge made it possible for my husband to really focus on me without worrying about what he was supposed to be reminding me to do (positions, breathing techniques, etc.) She was there to give me sips of water and juice, put a cool washcloth on my neck, give hands-on help in the form of massage and pressure, and even take photos and videos (which I am SO grateful to have now). The postpartum visits were a lifeline for me as well; as a first-time mom, I had so many questions and areas of unknown around breastfeeding and what was/wasn't "normal". Having her there to cook us a meal, help with the laundry, and help me figure out how to use a long piece of fabric meant to wrap in a fancy way around me was fantastic. In hindsight, I wish I'd just decided in advance on a few more postpartum visits to avoid having to think too much about anything in those early days/weeks and just know she'd be back for a couple of weeks to help in those ways. I highly recommend Stacy as a birth doula, especially if you have an interest in natural pain management techniques and how yoga postures and breathwork can be incorporated in your birth plan as well as prenatal and postpartum care, and want to work with someone who is warm, approachable, and highly knowledgeable in the field of birthwork."

Elizabeth B

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