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Align your subconscious beliefs about birth with your conscious desire for a calm, comfortable labor and delivery experience.  

Most of us have accumulated negative beliefs about birth since the time we were babies ourselves. We've heard countless stories of how painful and disempowering birth can be from so many. As soon as we announce our pregnancy, others are quick to tell us about their birth experience and what we should and shouldn't do as we begin to make decisions about  

where and how we would like to birth our own babies. This can lead so many of us to feel fearful about childbirth and plagued by worrisome thoughts like, "what if my baby is too big?",  "what if something goes wrong?", "what if I can't handle the pain?" 


When we feel fear, our body becomes tense, when we are tense we feel more pain, then more fear, more tension and so on. This is activates the Sympathetic Nervous System which sends blood to our extremities so that we can "fight, flight or freeze." This means that our uterus, and baby, are not getting the oxygen and nourishment they need. This will lead to a longer, more painful labor. 


Hypnosis teaches us to relax to the point where we can rewrite our beliefs  about birth. We can train our minds to automatically enter a state of deep relaxation when labor begins so we can ride the waves of sensation, rather than letting those waves knock us down. This allows us to feel safe, to breathe slowly and to keep our muscles relaxed (parasympathetic nervous system). By aligning ourselves with the power of nature, we can give birth without fear and without unbearable pain. Train yourself to believe that the sensations of labor can not be stronger than you, because they come from inside of you! 

During our hypnosis sessions you will release your fears about birth; relax and enjoy building imagery  of  a positive birth experience; learn the ¨Hypno-epidural" technique; bond with your partner as they learn how to help you deepen your relaxation and support you in preparing for birth. Each one hour session will come with your own personalized therapeutic hypnosis recording that you can use over and over again. 

It is best to begin your hypnobirth journey around 32 weeks of gestation so that you have several weeks to practice the hypnosis techniques before your baby arrives. The first 3 sessions are just for the birthing parent and the fourth session is for the birthing parent and their partner. All of our hypnosis sessions will take place via Zoom. It is ideal to situate yourself in a place where you can lay down and relax.​

While it is ideal to commit to the entire 4 session program, a single session can help to soothe anxieites about delivery and help you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy with a sense of trust that everything will be okay. 

To get started with your hypnobirth sessions, please fill out the form below. I will be in contact within 48 hours to schedule your appointments. I look forward to helping you to have a comfortable and powerful birth experience!

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